Rani Bhagmati

The Mystic Queen of Hyderabad

Qutb Shahi Dynasty of Golkonda - 16th Century

The beloved of Quli Qutub Shah, the king who created the city of Hyderabad. He first named the city Bhagyanagaram after his loved other half. Later, completely smitten by his undying love for this stunning beauty from Chichelum, he rechristened the queen Hydermahal, and then called the city Hyderabad after his charming soul mate. The queen, with whom the king fell in love at first sight, was an ethereal beauty from Chichelum village. The king’s true love and devotion for her made him transcend all social and religious barriers. In true cinematic style, the king’s father built the Puranapul bridge to facilitate his son’s meetings with his lady love. Lucky in love and showered with admiration, we present Rani Bhagmati, the queen known for her mesmerising beauty, in our Queens of Andhra line up…

Our Hyderabad queen has been draped in classic Banarasi - a weave older than history and tradition. Royal blue with heavy antique zari work for the blue-blooded princess... Flowers have always been a wonderful tribute to women and their beauty, an expression of love. Floral motifs echo positivity and purity, and are reflected very frequently on many Banarasi weaves. Classic beauty for the classic Queen’s collection!

Making of the Portrait of Rani Bhagmati

Kankatala presents a behind the scenes peek at the making of Rani Bhagmati's image. Thorough research, endless hours of study and intense brainstorming resulted in careful implementation and execution of every detail to create the portrait. Lighting, scene and setting to create a feel of the era; saree, make-up, jewellery and styling to capture the essence of the time; and look, stance and posture to highlight the queen's exquisite beauty and persona... Rani Bhagmati, beloved Queen of Qutb Shahi Dynasty of Golconda, in whose consuming love the king transcended all social and religious barriers!