Silk of gods. India’s age old classic. Created from silk of mulberry, interwoven with silver threads dipped in gold for a lovely zari & tissue effect. Must-have sarees for brides…
Presenting an artistic collection of new arrivals - contemporary drapes. Delve in to the carefully curated world splendid weaves and adorn your wardrobe
Patola is a centuries old double Ikat weave, with its origins in Patan, the northern region of Gujarat.Involving a very intricate and complex process of tie-dyeing on the warp and weft before weaving, this highly esteemed weave is acknowledged by connoisseurs as a traditional and ancient art that needs to be preserved and promoted.Patola weaving requires a lot of precise mental calculations, vivid imagination, patience, undivided attention, and dexterity of the hand.
Organza is a thin, plain weave, sheer fabric traditionally made from silk. Lightweight, transparent and thin, it has a fine texture and an attractive sheen. Grand, yet not heavy – check these out…
This Mughal influenced weave of the noble is synonymous with lovely zariwork, which gives it a metallic visual effect. Brocade, a complicated zari technique, is a striking feature.
Our one-of-a-kind sarees. Only YOU will possess one of these! Stand out from the crowd by investing in these… They can go on to become family heirlooms - just don’t spark conflicts!!
Kanchipuram Kora Sarees are woven with sheer Kora Organza silk, lightweight yet traditional. Kora Sarees are perfect for Weddings and causal wear.
Sarees to relax & feel comfortable in, giving you the freedom for personal expression and to flaunt your individuality – liberated & unfettered. Stay informal, be spoilt for choice
Sarees with borders wider than about six inches – right to a skirt or half-n-half border: looks imposing, majestic and impressive. Look distinguished, let the border speak…