Maharani Adi Laxmi Devamma -

Gadwal’s identity

Gadwal Samsthanam - 20th Century

Adi Laxmi Devamma was one of the most popular queens of the Deccan plateau during the pre-Independence era. Married at a young age, she lost her husband, the King of Gadwal, in 1902, when her son was very young - leaving the kingdom without a ruling heir. The neighbouring Nizam of Hyderabad wanted to interfere in the kingdom’s affairs and take strategic advantage of the void. The son was taken by the court of wards, and during this period, Adi Laxmi Devamma stood against the Nizam emperor like steel, and protected her kingdom. Later, post-independence, she donated a large amount of her wealth and the now famous Gadwall fort, to educate the kids around the area. The fort is now a polytechnic college for women.

Adi Laxmi Devamma has been photographed against a backdrop of books, showing her passion for education and development of her subjects. New innovations evolving with time are visible, with the toggle switches in the background. Our reformist queen has been power dressed to match her persona, in dual shades of turquoise blue and green with timeless checks. For one whose noble gesture has been mending lives till date, an educationist for the Queen’s collection.

Making of Adi Laxmi Devamma Portrait

Kankatala presents the Behind the Scenes making of Maharani Adi Laxmi Devamma's portrait. She was the Queen of the Gadwal Samsthanam (20th Century). This is an artistic representation of the queen. Over 6 months of planning and research went into this campaign. Every element from saree to lighting of the set was inspired from that period. The saree was designed and woven specifically for this queen. Adi Laxmi Devamma was one the most popular queens of the deccan plateau during the Pre-Independence era. She gave utmost important to education and her fort currently serves as a college in Gadwal.