Rani Rudramma Devi

The Queen ahead of her times - Kakatiya’s pride

Kakatiya Dynasty - 13th Century

Rudrama Devi- the 13th century game changer. At a time when women were suppressed, she changed societal rules and proved that she was as good as any man. She won a war to prove her mettle and establish that she was a worthy successor to the Kakatiya kingdom. So much so, that her father designated her as his son through the “Putrika” ceremony.

Despite being able, valorous, and a just human being, her coronation was not an easy process. She faced a great deal of opposition for the simple reason that the men resisted a woman's authority. Intelligent and diplomatic, she successfully asserted her sovereignty and quelled the rebellious rulers with support from citizens and numerous small rulers. She completed the Warangal fort started by her father. Marco Polo, the Venetian traveller, who paid a visit during her rule, described her as a lover of justice, equity and peace.

We styled our Rudramma Devi in a majestic kanchi-pattu in rich red, adorned with royal animals. Animals used in warfare like the horse and the elephants are a regular feature in kanchi pattu weaves. Another common feature is the noble peacock, which is seen as a guardian of royalty. The zamindari border in gold tissue was a status symbol worn only by those from a royal lineage. Rani Rudramma has been set against a backdrop of the Kakatiya dynasty’s map, with pins pointing at Orugallu (current day Warangal) and strategic plan drafts - to endorse the fact that she is an able administrator, warrior, diplomat, and earned the right to be a queen by proving her mettle. The queen with grit, for our Queen’s collection.

Making of the Portrait of Rani Rudramma Devi

Kankatala presents the Behind the Scenes making video of the portrait of Rani Rudramma Devi. A lot of effort and over 6 months planning went into bringing this concept to life. Everything from the saree to the set has been specifically made for this shoot. The image is an artistic representation of the Queen.