Rani Chandramani Devi

The Noble Queen of Visakhapatanam

Chemudu dynasty - 1906-1957

    If our other queens were known to fight battles and guard their kingdoms, our very own Visakha Queen made a difference by working for the underprivileged. The Florence Nightingale of Vizag donated most of her property to establish hospitals. When there was no orthopaedic centre in Visakhapatnam, Rani Chandramani donated her palace Lakshmi Vilas and surrounding lands to set up one.

From a small hospital, it rose to a mid-sized one after she got in additional grants from the state government. Now popularly known as the RCD (Rani Chandramani Devi hospital), it caters to both polio and orthopaedic patients. The magnanimous lady also donated a building for patients afflicted with leprosy and was closely associated with managing Prema Samajam. She was also spiritual, and donated her Ambica Bagh palace to be converted into a temple. She was a staunch devotee of Lord Rama.

Our Visakha Queen is shot against the backdrop of her palace and we depict her as an elderly woman, as she rose to fame for her noble intentions late in life. Draped in a humble khadi with rich Jamdani work, edged with rich kaddi border in gold, the choice reflects her simplicity and grace. The floral Jamdani was chosen to mirror the nature and beauty of Visakhapatnam, where she lived her life. The lady who won hearts and has been etched in the minds of people forever - a perfect choice for our Queen’s collection.

Making of the Portrait of Rani Chandramani Devi

We loved recreating every bit of ambience around Rani Chandramani Devi. A proud moment for us when we brought this legendary queen back to life through our shoots. Right from the Sarees she draped to the persona she carried we gave our best shot to create this artistic representation.