Patan Patola Silk Double Ikat Nari Kunj Blue Saree

Patan Patola Silk Double Ikat Nari Kunj Blue Saree
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Wear a bit of history and heritage by draping yourself in this smooth, soft Patan patola Nari kunjar silk weave that mirrors a centuries old royal fabric from Gujarat. The Nari Kunjar is the motif of an elephant, made of gopinis. Lord Krishna is seen riding this elephant in many patolas. This beautiful blue saree depicts hunting, which is also known as Shikar Bhat design. It has the typical geometrical squares that symbolize security, framing regal motifs of the kunjar (elephants) and popat (parrot) in vibrant, perennial colours. the contrast red border with phulwadi (flower) motifs, has blue and yellow horizontal stripes. The motifs are large with several intricacies, increasing the complexity and effort involved in dyeing and weaving them. The red pallu also as flower and floral plant motifs. Patola weaving depends on high accuracy of the weaving involved. This means positioning of the warp and weft will determine the weave of perfect design and colour. The process is time and labour intensive, requiring a high order of skill and dexterity. Wear this masterpiece with any blouse of your choice - this saree does not come with a blouse...

Additional Information

  • Occasion: Wedding
  • Fabric: Patan Patola
  • Primary Color: Blue
  • Secondary Color: Maroon
  • Material: Silk
  • Pattern: Others
  • Border Type: Contrast Without Zari
  • Border Size: Small
  • Color Family: Dark