Paithani Silk Jaal Pink Saree

Paithani Silk Jaal Pink Saree
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A handloom treasure, this pink Paithani silk saree involves the very historic and classic weave from Paithan in Maharashtra. This beautiful saree has colourful floral vines woven meticulously into the saree. Every thread of the vibrant colours has been carefully, painstakingly and thoroughly woven into place. This masterpiece has a gold tissue Paithani border with muniya motifs, and a grand gold tissue Paithani pallu with phul (flower) motifs. Dating back to second century AD, the Paithani saree gets the name from its town of origin, Paithan, in Aurangabad of Maharashtra. In the weaving process, the preparation of the loom takes a whole day, and is one of the most laborious parts of the process. The weaver, after preparing the loom, a process that'll determine the design, colour and finer details of the finished product, will sit down to create the piece of Paithani art. It requires careful hand, foot and eye coordination. This Paithani heirloom beauty comes with a self plain pink blouse with gold tissue muniya motifs.

Additional Information

  • Occasion: Wedding
  • Fabric: Paithani
  • Primary Color: Pink
  • Secondary Color: Pink
  • Material: Silk
  • Pattern: Jaal
  • Border Type: Contrast Zari
  • Border Size: Small
  • Color Family: Dark