Kanchipuram Silk Half-n-Half Mudra Butta Blue And Pink Saree

Kanchipuram Silk Half-n-Half Mudra Butta Blue And Pink Saree
SKU: 2662733
A Kankatala designed beauty... A half -n-half midnight blue and bright pink Kanchipuram silk saree. The blue half that goes around the body and over the shoulder has jaal of graceful feminine hands forming mudras and holding lotus flowers in various stages of blooming. The pink fleets area has horizontal zari stripes with floral motifs. The pink portion that goes around the waist has hand mudras holding lotus flowers. The lotus is one of Buddhism's most recognizable symbols of enlightenment. The flower’s stage of bloom represents different stages on the path to enlightenment. A closed bud symbolizes the time before enlightenment, while a fully bloomed lotus represents full enlightenment. A flower that is partly open, with its center hidden, indicates that enlightenment is beyond ordinary sight. The green edge adds positivity and colour. The border and pallu have Buddha motifs in self gold zari. The blouse is plain blue with zari borders...

Additional Information

  • Occasion: Wedding
  • Fabric: Kanchi
  • Primary Color: Blue
  • Secondary Color: Pink
  • Material: Silk
  • Pattern: Butta
  • Border Type: Self Zari
  • Border Size: Medium
  • Color Family: Dark