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Kankatala is an exclusive saree brand dealing in handwoven sarees carefully handpicked for you, both in-store and online.

75 Year Old Legacy

Established in 1943 by the late Mr Kankatala Appalaraju, the business has grown to 9 stores in Andhra Pradesh, and a flourishing online business.


Founder - Late Shri Kankatala Appalaraju


Our store Kankatala Appalaraju & Co in 1968

Kankatala has customers who have been loyal supporters through generations, returning to the store for sarees and pavadas for every occasion in the family!

In 1982, Mr Kankatala Mallikharjuna Rao, popularly known as Mallik, the second generation Kankatala, entered the business. There was a major turnaround, with the opening of the first plush Kankatala store, Vishakhapatnam’s first air-conditioned shop!

Third Generation Actively Involved: Modern meets Traditional!

Today, Arvind, Bharat and Anirudh, third generation Kankatala, run the major affairs of the business. With a sharp awareness of the market, and a sensitivity to emerging trends, the brothers have ensured that Kankatala today caters to contemporary saree styles, without compromising the firm roots of tradition, quality and trust that the brand has been known for since 1943.

The Kankatala USP: Every Saree Carefully Handpicked…

Each and every saree we present to our customers is carefully handpicked by a member of the family, with equal emphasis on quality, weave, design and fabric. The loyalty of our customers only spurs us on to do better, and increases our responsibility and accountability.

Striving to Offer a Wide Range…

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have something for every taste, every occasion, and every budget. Based on valuable feedback from our customers, and ever changing fashion trends, we shall continue to work towards keeping our customers delighted, and our weavers busy, without any change to the faith and standard associated with the Kankatala brand for 75 years…